Colleen BurnettHey all,

After five years of blogging on this site, I’ve decided to start over with something more personal: there comes a yes. It’s a small affair but fits me better at this stage of my life.

This site will exist for a little while longer. I’ll hang on to the domain, but I will stop hosting the blog soon. As consolation, I made a tumblr exclusively for house inspiration and updates: Maison Queens. It’s essentially instagrams of my house with better context, resources I’m using, etc. I’ll also back up some of my more popular decorating-related posts there. The tumblr won’t replicate the kind of posts I did here or be updated with any regular frequency, but it will be an informal way to snoop on my decorating if that’s your jam. I’ll also add posts to a specific Pinterest board for the updates, if you like following that way.

I’m still on Twitter and Instagram doing my same old thing, and would of course love if y’all followed along on my blog. If not, no hard feelings.

So thank you for reading and for your thoughtful comments throughout the years. It was a good run.